My Man's Favorite Meal/Homemade Burrito's

1:07 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

This is one of the EASIEST meals you will ever make but a tasty AMAZING one!!
This meal came about because my roommate was participating in a Daniel Fast for 21 days.
I tasted what she had in her bowl and thought it was great....but since I wasn't participating in that fast
I figured I could hook it up and add some stuff that I thought it needed!! LOL

This meal consists of:
2 Cans of Goya Seasoned Black Beans
2 Can of Whole Kernel Corn
2 Cans of Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes
3 Cups of Cooked Jasmine Rice
1 Package of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Sun Dried Tomato Soft Shell Wrap
1 Cup Santa Fe Cooking Cream Cheese
6 - 7 TBSPS of Cumin
Hot Sauce to Taste
6 TBPS Krazy Janes Seasoning
Salt/Pepper to Taste

Cook the rice first, Then add all canned ingredients, Philly Cream Cheese, Cumin, Krazy Janes, Hot Sauce, Salt/Pepper. Cook for at least 20 minutes.
Spread Santa Fe Cream Cheese in side wrap, Spoon Cooked items into wrap, fold..and eat!! EASY
Considering adding Shrimp Next time.....YUMMM!!!