Mistake Hair

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So for those of you in the RVA area, you know we have been experiencing some major shifts in the weather.
With that, I have NO EXPERIENCE as to what to do to my hair in the heat/humidity and now I am trying to figure out what to do when it rains...if I have a twist out! So yesterday was interesting.
My hair was already not in good shape due to me messing up my hair adding Eco-Styler to a fabulous product by Ur Pure Beauty..so when I went to go shopping with my man...I just had to pretend like I felt fabulous!! LOL He noticed the hair shift though!! hehehehe'
As we left the shoe store, my hair began to grow more and more. So I remember one of my sis in ministry twisted my hair in this funky way the last time it got wild...so I decided I would try it out.
Great things is...I kinda like it. Its messy and requires about 8 Bobby Pins..but it works for now and no products necessary...but this morning I did put Komaze Care Hair Milk in it for softness, moisture and shine.

I parted my hair in the middle and did what I THINK is a flat twist and bob pinned it.

And then gathered the rest and put a rubber band around it.
I told you this was a mistake so I didn't have any tools on hand but Bob Pins
NOTE TO SELF: Never leave home without bob pins, lip gloss and enough change for the pay phone! LOL

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  1. I haven't said much but the Aveda Anti-Humectant has changed my hair life in the summertime! I have been using this for over 30 days and have seen a major difference in the smoothness of my hair and the frizz. Check out the reviews on it! Cute hairstyle though!

    Joi S.