Kirstin's Regimine

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 I have a husband and an 8 and 5 year old so focusing on my hair can be a challenge, but I find time :) 

I wash every 7-10 days with a moisturizing shampoo like Carol Daughter Monoi, or a Jane Carter Shampoo, once a month I use a clarifying shampoo (Suave) to get rid of the months buildup. Anytime I use a shampoo I try to deep condition with a thick conditioner (Monoi Deep Treatment, Pantene Curly Series Deep Treatment) AND sit under my Huetiful steamer for a session. I then sprinkle my hair with a lil water and detangle, then rinse with cool water to close my cuticle and seal the moisture. I then apply a leave in (Keracare Natural Texture, or Kimmaytube mix) that is ph balanced to ensure my cuticle is closed. From there I dry with a paper towel so the curl pattern isn't disturbed and I style..if I'm prepping for a twist out I twist while my hair is damp with Keracare Natural Texture Twist/Define Cream, unravel in the morning with a lil oil in my hands and go..or if it's a wash/go (used Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie or Mizani True Texture cream/gel) I'll spritz with water and go. I co wash mid week, but I try to give my hair moisture (water) every 2-3 days, and then seal that moisture in with coconut oil or a leave in!
 The products I use I've fallen in love with..they give my hair what it needs when it needs it, they aren't heavy in proteins but just enough cause I'm protein sensitive (my hair gets hard), the Keracare line is ph balanced and doesn't leave residue in my hair. The monoi collection is pricy but it's feel so good on my hair, so it's my pamper line.

When I get my hair straightened I go to a professional. I'm in love with Kimora's Day Spa, in the Best Buy Shopping center across from the WhiteOak mall..they really take there time and respect natural hair.
 I'm a firm believer in manipulating my hair cuticle when I need to. When I wash I do it with lukewarm water to open the cuticle and let the shampoo get in and do it's job and then apply my conditioner to the open cuticle and when I rinse my conditioner out I do so with cool water to close my hair cuticle and seal in the moisture that I just gave it!

I sleep on a satin pillow case every night or in a satin bonnet, I don't do my hair when I'm rushing, tense, or angry and I dust my ends when needed but get a professional trim at least twice a year.

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