Karite Leave In Conditioner Product Review

8:07 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

This is the first time I have deviated from my Normal Leave-In Conditioner by Giovanni.
I Shampoo and Conditioned my hair like normal. I didn't really notice a difference between other Shampoo's & Conditioners that I have previously used, except for that this line smells very nice. Its not very over powering and doesn't remind you of regular salon shampoo or the shampoo's you get inside the Relaxer Box. 
I ten sectioned my hair an applied Jojoba Oil to my hair, and then the Leave-In Conditioner. 
The Conditioner was very creamy, and in my opinion smelled heavenly. From the moment that I began to apply it on my hair, my curls truly fell in love with this product. Not only did it add great moisture to my curls, but detangling my hair was a breeze. 
I still love my Giovanni Leave-In, but with this product it was a lot easier to comb and detangle my hair. 
The product also left my hair with a faint flowery smell, which I truly appreciated not smelling fresh out of a bottle of perfume as some products seem to do to my hair; causing me to be chased my Bees...
The product also gave my hair a beautiful shine, with a soft touchable feel. 
Naturalistas - If you are looking for a Leave-In Conditioner that will provide great moisture, shine with a beautiful smell, I would highly recommend you purchase this product. nuNAAT is available at Sally's Beauty Supply, Walgreens and drugstore.com.
Check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nunaat for a store locator searchable by Zip Code.