I think I love/hate my cat!!

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So here's a little more insight to the private life of Keenya Kelly....
This is Felix!
  I've had him for about 5 years now!! I absolutely love this cat...he's got a very unique personality. Everywhere you go around the house...he follows you. He doesn't want you to touch him, or pick him up and put him in your lap...he just really enjoys being around EVERYONE! Now when people first see him they are a little concerned as he is a PITCH BLACK cat, with very long hair...so people tend to think he is a miniature lion...but he's a great sweet cat!!
But as of last night...I dunno WHAT to say about him!! I came home last night and was getting ready for bed....as I began walking out of the bathroom I saw him coming towards me with something in his mouse. Now Felix NEVER carries anything in his mouth so I KNEW this wasn't going to be good....it was a MOUSE!!! A DEAD ONE!! Talk about needing a barf bag!!
This is he was sorta proud of his mouse. He  presented it to me like Tah Dah Mommy...look what I've got!
****Now don't go thinking I'm a nasty person with mouse running around my house....We live in the COUNTRY!!! I have Frogs in my windshield in the morning, Dogs sleep in the middle of the road...Raccoons everywhere...and we burn trash...yeah..LOVE IT!****
I didn't know what to say or do...I mean I was grossed out, but then again I was so proud of my litter ferocious one. But the reason for this blog is because I picked it up with a plastic bag and clearly threw it away and was going to burn the trash the next day. This morning I came to deep condition my hair....and the MOUSE WAS ON THE CARPET!! OMG! Felix went into the trash and got him out!! Terrible!!! 
So here I am AGAIN trying not to barf and my cat is fighting me for his new toy!!! WHAT?!?!?!?
So yeah....this is the life of a cat lover...but the great thing is...I never have to worry about Mice, Bugs or even crazy people...My cats know what's up...