How I celebrated my 30th Birthday!!!

1:42 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

So here's a SNEAK PEAK into my private life!!
As you all know I turned 30 on June 23rd...whoooopie!!!
I had major plans to throw a big cookout/water gun fight the saturday after,
but my actual Birthday I spent it with the boo.
I included a photo of our shoes..because in my honor he decided to wear these shoes
I purchased him for Christmas that aren't his favs, but he wore them for me!!!
We don't have a beach in Richmond, but we do have The Canal Walk.
We started out and got my fav Subway sandwich (tends to be his when I am eating it),
headed down to the canal with a blanket and excitement.
We LOVE the water...
But these are my FAVORITE waves!!! *cheesing*

So for you Richmonders looking for something nice to do..grab a blanket, sandwich and your boo!!