Hope for the Newly Natural

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Good Afternoon Ladies!!!!
Today I began cruising through really old blog posts and came upon the stories of my BIG CHOP.
Its been almost 1 year and 8 months since my BC, and this made me remember how it felt to pretty much cut off all of my hair and start from scratch.
With that I also remember the agonny that I went through all day everyday, wondering what my hair looked like. If I really looked ok with short hair again..and I mean SHORT..you couldn't curl my hair with rice.
And now almost 20 Months later my hair touches my shoulders!
Ladies my hair has NEVER touched my shoulders..and when I say never I mean NEVER.
I also didn't believe that going natural would really cause my hair to grow so fast, be super healthy and change the way I see myself and the world. I say that because we hear those myths all the time that Black Women's hair can only grow so long..or takes super long to grow..I believed that lie too.
But now I am a living testimony to show you when you take better care of your hair; meaning, using Natural Hair Care Products, Washing, Conditioning, Deep Conditioning regularly and using as little heat as possible, that your hair can out grow your mind.
So those of you ladies that are going through the TERRIBLE time of OMG...I just cut off all of my hair, what do I do next...I am here to tell you that there is hope. You just have to be patient. Going natural is like having a baby...people can tell you what to do, but you really never learn until you begin to experience it for yourself. You just need to take one day at a time, love the process that you are in, and ask as many questions as you have!!! I DID!
Now there are SO MANY people on youtube and bloggers telling you what they recommend that you do, but the way I learned was watching videos, but also seeing beautiful women with Natural Hair and just asking them a few questions if they were willing.
Ladies, I have no problem answering any questions that you have, and if I don't have the answer I have ALOT of professional stylist around me and I am willing to get those questions answered for you.
I also recommend that you join some of the Natural Groups in your area..attend Meet Ups, Hair Expos...and if there isn't one in your area...then start it up!!!

With that...I look forward to seeing everyone in Richmond at the July 28th Meet Up!!
We're going to have an awesome Fro-Time!!!

Until Then...Keep that Lip Gloss Poppin