He doesn't like my hair....

1:07 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

For those of you that are my friends on Facebook then you are aware of the madness...for those of you that are not...LEMME TELL YOU!!!! I logged onto Facebook yesterday and noticed a gentleman I use to know in college sent a message. I didn't quite understand it at first, one because he's so "educated" that I am assuming he chose the wrong set of words and because I think he was just out of order so his words were too.
He proceeded to explain that
"He didn't like my hair. That he doesn't like the new look on me and that not everyone can do it."
I didn't know what to say to him. I wasn't sure if I should ask him why he thought the way that he thought, if I should scold him on the effects of Chemically Relaxing your hair..or if I should wait for him to get married and have a daughter to realize the effects of relaxing her hair!!! OR when he falls in love with a Natural Sistah and she looks like me!!! buhahahahaha

Wouldn't that be funny!! It didn't bother me that he said it because I really love my hair, but it made me wonder how many men out there feel the same way, because they are use to women putting chemicals in their hair; damaging their scalp and possibly their bodies!!! Sad stuff man. But I can't blame him, I'm sure his mom like 99% of African Americas have relaxed hair, or taught his sisters to look beautiful your hair must be relaxed!!! How do I know? Because it happened to me. Now my mom didn't tell me to be beautiful my hair had to be relaxed, but the fact that at a very young age my hair was relaxed and was relaxed up until a year ago, is a clear indication that I was being that that straight hair is what was recommended..not curly or kinky.

So I say to you ladies..please don't let people discourage you and don't discourage yourself. You decide what beauty is...I spent 28 years relaxed and then chopped it all off...people were negative, but now when I see them......NO COMMENT!!! SMA (Shaking my Afro)


  1. You can be the most educated person in the universe and still be ignorant!