Deep Conditioning in the heat!!!

10:12 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

OMG!!!! If this is any indication of what Hell is going to be like folks betta get saved...QUICK!!
For those of you in Richmond, VA all I can say is whoa!!! It is Hot outside!!!
I have NO recommendations for what to do to your hair, other than, if you want a GREAT way
to Deep Condition your hair, put some Conditioner, Castor Oil and for me Lavendar Oil and a a little plastic cap and do some yard work. If you don't do yard work, go running, play with the dog, chase squirrels, rabbits..but if you see a dog...RUN INSIDE!!! I am not responsible for Dog bites!! LOL
Seriously though. It's very hot and humid outside, and I love anything but sitting in
one place under a dryer for an hour. So why not get some exercise and deep condition or get some yard work done. I'm telling you...its a GREAT method...especially if you don't have a hood dryer.