When Animals Attack!!

7:55 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Pardon this interruption!!!!
This is my Baby Felix.
Everyone loves Felix and he's the sweetest cat you will ever meet...UNTIL YESTERDAY!!!
My roomate Chelsea decided to find cat sounds on youtube...but little did she know it would turn Felix into a MONSTER
No seriously. It turned him into a lil monster. She toyed with him while I wasn't home, and decided to let me see him in action when I got home. I turned the youtube video on and turned around to cook...
I was too shocked to whoop him and felt bad that we were tormenting him...well sorta felt bad. I tended to my wounds and then we decided to record him. Chelsea found another video of yet ANOTHER cat...but little did she know what was going to happen next. Felix chased her into my bathroom, causing her to hide out for about 20 minutes.
He made sounds I've never heard him make before and was ready to light into her. I thought THAT was funny.
This is me today....
That's my calve trying to heal!! Definitely going to the Dr. though.
Check out the video that got Felix chasing Chelsea around the house.
Today's Lesson...DONT MESS WITH THE KITTY!!!