Warnings When Dressing on a Budget

7:41 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

So Ladies...you all might find this kinda funny...but my friend that I am putting on "blast" might not!!
So you all see my last post the pretty little dress I purchased from Target for just $10.00, well I went to church this past sunday and saw a sistah wearing it. I didn't know her, so it didn't bother me...but I thought it was cool that she liked it too. UNTIL...I received a text from my girl...............
I posted a Facebook status that I was at Target and in awe of the prices...so she texted me about it. Apparently, she went to the same Target and was in awe as well!!! She texted me the next day saying that she found this beautiful dress to match these hot shoes she has only been able to wear a few times in four years...but when she logged onto my blog she realized...ITS THE SAME DRESS!!!!
I couldn't do anything but laugh with and at her!!! It's one thing to see another sistah wearing your dress, but ANOTHER thing when someone you see at least 2 x's a week buying the same dress. Brandi and I had a recent encounter where I placed money on the altar and got a text later on that day that we were wearing the EXACT SAME OUTFIT!!!! GOD IS FUNNY!!!
So needless to say, when dressing on a budget just remember you might run into someone wearing what you are wearing...but WE ALL WEAR IT DIFFERENTLY.
So this Blog is for you Brandi...go ahead and wear that thang to church Sunday....
I Love her!!!!!