Self Esteem & Natural Hair

3:36 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Good Afternoon Ladies!! This week marks 1 year and 5 months of going natural!!! I'm super proud of my hair, the growth that I have experienced and the major learning curve that I am on, who knew deciding to go Natural could change the rest of my life!

But today, I wanted to talk to you all about Self-Esteem. Although 99% of the population will never admit it, most of the women today have Self-Esteem issues. Whether its the color of our skin, the size of our hips, breast, lips or how we wear our hair...women are dealing with this issue everyday.
I've always known that women had this issue, but once I went natural and began to learn and love myself more is when I really began to notice how big of an issue it really is.

Everyday I receive compliments from women on how beautiful my hair is, my response is Thank You, Praise God...but you've got beautiful hair under there too. I always hear...ohhh no, there's no way I would ever do that. My hair is too nappy, my face is too fat, that wouldn't look good on me. My question is: SAYS WHO? By who's standard of beauty are you basing yours???? It bothers me sooo much to hear women compliment me and then shrink when I asked them when they are going to do it. Some people say going natural isn't for everyone....but EVERYONE was born with Natural Hair PERIOD!!! Some hair is kinkier than others, and have different curl patterns or no curls at all...but we were created NATURAL..we just decided or let our parents decide to change our appearance.
Now I am not bashing anyone that gets a relaxer, as I had a relaxer for over 10 years, but I am saying that women need to stop hiding behind relaxers to mask their self-esteem issues, because truth be told...its already obvious.

I'm not calling for a Natural Revolution, but I am saying its time to stop looking in the mirror and trying to create a new you, and just embrace the you that you see. I use to hate the size of my lips, hips, butt and how LOUD my voice is...but I have come to realize that that is what makes me unique.
This week I have had sooo many women tell me that they love my boldness, how loud my voice is and how no matter what I am going to be me. I never knew that people were watching me. One girl...came out of nowhere; at my birthday party and just shared that she sincerely loves my boldness, my willingness to just speak what comes to my heart and how I am just willing to be me. She said she hadn't seen anyone at church like me before...or I am guessing she meant her age...but it really blessed me. I know I am only able to do that because I have had to fight for my life....I had to break the self-esteem issue that plagued me for years. I had to make the decision that if no one loved me that I was determined to love myself.