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Hello Naturalistas!!
So I haven't been doing anything new with my hair lately, due to LACK OF TIME! I am preparing for my 30th Birthday that is June 23rd and a Big Cookout...Water Gun/Water Balloon fight!
But in the midst of planning I have been introduced to "EXTREME COUPONING."
 Now I must say, I find it VERY odd that people spend a lot of their free time clipping coupons and not building major business or serving God...but with their expertise I shall benefit!!! LOL
So...We all love a good discount...the less money you spend the more money you have to bless others with, to invest or for future my thing is..if you are going to go out to eat, grocery shop, buy clothes, furniture...etc...why not get these at a discount!!!

I told you all that my Birthday is this week and a neat site on Facebook told me that if I sign up for their newsletters I'll get free stuff for my Birthday. So I went to a few websites and signed up...I got more than I thought. Just for signing up I got free entree's or desserts, and because my Birthday is this week I received additional free meals. So I decided to sign up for EVERY restaurant that I enjoy eating at or that I would love for me and my Man of God to dine at. And folks...there are some awesome free food deals out there. Not to mention a site called where you can get CRAZY restaurant deals as well as other stuff.
Also, if you notice on my blog you will see an ad for Well with them we paid $10 for $25 worth of food at amazing restaurants in the city and $9 for TWO movie tickets!! YES JUST $9 and you get two movie tickets. I thought it was a hoax until we used it!!!!
Folks...its not being cheap...its called being wise!!
So folks...want to save money??? Get the sunday paper...clip the coupons, like the different facebook pages and get some coupons, sign up for via the link at the corner of the blog...and start saving. Some of the hair products we can get for practically FREE by clipping a few coupons