Perm Rods

12:10 PM Keenya Kelly 9 Comments

Looking for the next Perm Rod star!!!
I am considering styling my hair this weekend using Perm Rods....but I am looking for lots of pictures, and videos that demonstrate how to do this, products they used, and the results!!! I have faith that I can do it alone....but I would love nothing more than to receive submissions from you and to be able to give you FREE STUFF as a result!!!!



    the process in that link is actually the same process i used in the pic i just posted on the EYB fb page. i used proclaim foam (but u can probably use any foam that wont make ur hair crunchy) and the shae moisture curl enhancing smoothie.

  2. Sis!! First of all your are just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Second your hair is absolutely GORGEOUS and this is a GREAT video!! So tell me, I see that your hair was in twists before you began...can you tell me step by step what you did before yo before your video started??

  3. thank you, keenya!!! (wait, u know im not the girl in the video right? lol) my hair didn't come out exactly like the girl in the video but it was still super curly nonetheless.
    so here's my process:
    1. shampoo & conditioned with mixed chicks
    2. blew it about 75/80% dry
    3. parted small sections and applied the foam to each section
    4. right after applying the foam, i applied a tiny amount of the smoothie to each section
    5. twisted the section and left about 1/2 inch out on the ends
    6. use end papers and rolled each section on a rod all the way to my scalp.
    7. i sat under the dryer for about 30 mins and left the rollers in overnight
    8. last, i untwisted each section and used a rat tail comb and a wide tooth comb to pick it out and voila!

    hope this helps.

  4. oh and if u opt to keep ur hair twisted overnight, u can get the same results by pin curling...they are MUCH easier to sleep in! lol

  5. LOL! I thought that was you in the video!! LOL
    So with blow do I do that?
    Do I pull my hair as I blow dry...stretching it out? Will it need a heat protectant?

  6. LOL I thought that's what you were thinking!

    I always detangle first so just comb it through with and then blow dry.
    I ALWAYS use a leave-in conditioner and now-a-days, most of them have a heat protectant in them. Mixed Chicks has an excellent leave-in which we retail. I use a couple different ones that require a license to purchase but if you're looking for something to buy at a drug store or hair supply store, It's a 10 is a good way to go.
    You don't need to pull your hair as you blow dry, just detangle and that should be sufficient.

  7. OK I am going to do this tomorrow after my Birthday DAY alone!!! Sooo looking forward to waknig up extra my house and shopping ALL DAY!!!! AND EATING!

  8. well happy early birthday!! my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks too. thinking i'm gonna try a spiral set without the twists for my special day. will let you know how it turns out.