New things from Keenya!!!

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Hello Ladies!!! Sorry I wasn't available yesterday...trying to recover from that hideous cat bite. And Just incase you're got worse...But Jesus healed all kinds of I'm good!! LOL

So...I wanted to ask you all for help!! It appears that the blog is receiving about 1000 views per week and I am only hitting on topics that I have questions about or things I am trying out...but I'd like to hear from you.

I am looking for a few guests bloggers..Natural Hair Stories and lots of questions. This will help with answering those plaguing questions we all have or get day to day...I won't have all the answers but I do have a number of professional stylists that can help!!!

With the guests bloggers, I'd like to hear about some of the products, regimines and styles you are using. I will want before and after pics and for you to just be yourself...meaning...those funny little conversations you have in your head...I'd like you to put them on the blog.
I think it's alot more fun to read what people actually think, vs politically correct statements and thoughts. As you all can see...I say what I am thinking and it doesn't look like its offending anyone because you all KEEP COMING BACK...or it might just be my lip gloss...who knows!!! LOL

So with that...find me on facebook Keenya Kelly, Twitter @keenyakelly or you can email me at There will always be free stuff I give to followers, folks that ask questions and especially guests PLEASE hit me up!!!

And in the mean time...if you know anyone with a local product I should try let me know...or tell them about me...I would love to help them grow their business!!!!

So with that PEACE!!! (in my ghetto voice)