Komaza Care/Eco-Styler Braid Out

4:33 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Soo...I did a review on this product yesterday, and I love this product. Hair was sooooo soft. 
Later on in the day I was talking with a friend of mine about doing a braid out but needing something for an extra hold. So last night I sectioned my hair sprayed water from my spray bottle applied more hair lotion and Eco Styler Gel. I put about 15 braids in my hair and as ie began to dry I could tell that my hair was getting fairly dry as in dried out, but I figured I could put some oil on it and it would be fine....THINK AGAIN. 
I took  all of my braids out and while part of it was soft and touchable my ends were frizzy and began to knot up!! I tried to separate my hair and put more Jojoba Oil on my hair...but I just didn't work out....any advice?