Komaza Care Hair Lotion

10:43 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hello Ladies!!
So I so-washed my hair yesterday like normal, and wore it in a little puff. I went to bed without twisting it and didn't want to we it this morning, so I decided to see what this product would do. I figured lotion is supposed to make things soft as it does for our skin, so I wanted to see if it would do that for my hair. I applied a nice amount of this to my hair and scalp...mind you, before applying this product my hair was very dry and not so nice to touch. After about 30 seconds, my hair felt fresh out of a deep conditioning, nice to touch and not oily at all. It also has a nice faint smell to it as well.
Tonight I will probably do small twists to me hair and add more of the lotion to it when I am taking it out.
Superb product!!