Interview with Jevata of - Jevata the Salon - Taking Care of Dry Scalp

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Hello Ladies! Over the past few weeks we have been asked a few times regarding caring for dry, itchy scalp.
The most recent question came via facebook. Cecilia is experiencing a very dry and itchy scalp and has asked Jevata for her recommendation.
Here is Jevata's response:
Hi Cecilia, 
Thanks for sharing.  I would first address the dry scalp and itching first with a dermatologist. I would like to add that the medication could also have potential side effects that include some of what you are experiencing. Also understand that what we experience with our hair and scalp is a direct reflection of whats going on inside. Topically, I would first suggest that you try a sulfate free shampoo, Keracare Dry and Itchy shampoo and conditioner to help with the dry and itchy scalp.  I have experienced dry scalp before and another stylist recommended Pureology Shampoo for dry scalp. It would be a good idea to begin with a consultation with the dermatoligist and a stylist to better assist you.  Also there are a few natural lines that are pretty good that I have tried, Uncle Funky's Daughter, Deva Curl, and Phyto Organics Line, Luxxtress  by Nexxus.  
Prayerfully these tips are helpful.
I would like to add that we must also take into account the types of products we are using; their ingredients, if we are conditioning properly, deep conditioning, leave in conditioners etc.