Have Some Respect!!

4:00 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

UGH!! This might come off as a rant/vent...but I was super disgusted going to lunch today, but God is amazing ANYWAY!!! So..today I decided to walk to Subway for lunch...still preserving my sexy!! LOL
The owner which is a great guy gave me a Free Sub and a Free Oatmeal Cookie...and they were nice to me like always. Well on my way back to work I saw a black gentleman, that I had seen before. He sells different nice smelling oils and also says he goes to a local church and is reaching out to bring people in. One day he stopped me trying to ask me thought provoking questions to see how smart or ignorant I was...smh! Well today, he proceeded to try to hug me...I gave him a side hug and kept walking. He gave me the "I know you from somewhere," I said yes sir I've seen you on this street before...he then says " I like your hair," I said "Praise God", Him: I Like your toes, Me: Praise God, Him: D#%N (as he looks me up and down) I proceeded to say WATCH IT!! PRAISE GOD! WATCH IT WATCH IT! It a tone letting him know he was getting out of order. He then says" What God doesnt mind me looking for my wife! Me: No he doesnt mind but he does mind you lusting after one. Him: I aint lusting after you, you dont have nothing I've never had.

I just kept on walking to my destination, but as I walked I thought to myself...he has no respect for me or for himself. But as I was going to the gate to get into my job...a gentleman came out and let the gate close..once he realized it..he turned around took his key out, opened the gate and let me in!! GOD BLESS HIM!

I thought to myself..thanks God for all three men!! Two were what to do..and one was what NOT to do!!!

Sad thing was the other two men were white and they showed more respect for me than the Black Brotha did!!! But the one thing I loved about the entire situation was that there were two younger ladies walking nearby and they were able to witness me with the disrespectful man and his friend. Whether they knew it or not, I definitely made it known to them that I love God and I respect myself and I demand respect!!!

So ladies be prepared....more stories to come from other ladies!!!