Dressing on a Budget

12:31 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hello Ladies!! It has been a while since my last fashion update..I've been trying to learn more about clothes that fit my body type, that are Holy and Acceptable, that don't cause people to stare...unless it's my shoes!!!
Take a look at my latest dress!! I went to TARGET the other day in search of great deals...and a great deal is what I found. This dress was only $10!!!!
Due to how God blessed my rear end...it kinda pulled on the front making it look like I have a bulging belly, but I don't...but I still love the dress.
You've seen these shoes before! These are one of my favs. Got them on sale for $20 at Fabrik.
 And the infamous Forever 21 Earrings I got for like $2
And I rocked really big hair yesterday. I didn't realize how big it was until MULTIPLE
people stopped me at church. Fortunately, all the comments were encouraging, I just didn't
realize how big it was until people kept telling me.
So there you have it. Stylish dressing for $32.