Curls Milkshake Product Review

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Hello Ladies!!!!  A lot of you all have been asking me about products I recommend you try on your Natural Hair...and I have been trying to stick with what I know so that I don't lead you astray....and I must say..this is a product that I recommend. 
It's been 1 year and 7 months that I have been natural. The first year I spent the entire time stuck on one Shampoo/Conditioner and twisting my hair with Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, but this year I decided to take an active role in learning my hair. I had been given about 10 samples of Curls Milkshake product about 7 months ago, but since I didn't know what to do with it I just let it sit...well times they are a changing!! LOL. I decided to try it out for my 30th Birthday. I am really starting to get into Deep Conditioning once a week, and have noticed a pretty big difference in my hair and scalp..just to add that in. 
So what did I do? I washed my hair with a Sulfate/Paraben Free Shampoo and immediately applied Jessicurl Deep Conditioner. I sat under my hair dryer for a little over 60 minutes, and then rinsed. I heard that when you wash your hair that you need to "seal" in the moisture, so I used Jojoba Oil to do so. (I just used my spray bottle that has Jojoba, Lavendar and Rosemary oil in it. Sprayed it in my hair.) Then I used 3 of the sample packs of Curls Milkshake. Within seconds my curls were becoming defined. Now the curls did NOT form as quickly as with Jane Carter's Curl Defining  Cream, but it defined my curls fairly easy. After my hair was saturated from root to tip I just gathered small parts of my hair, put shea butter on my fingers and did about 20 box braids. 
Once all the box braids were in I twirled my hair to form Bantu Knots and held it together with bobby pins. 
Depending on what I have to do for the day I will wear the knots for an entire day, and depending on how cute they are. These were pretty cute, so I wore them for a whole day. 
On my Birthday I unpinned, un-braided and spritz my hair with the same oil mix as before and I must say I truly loved the results. I forgot to take a picture BEFORE being hit by some drizzle while at the canal....but even after the drizzle the results were great. My curls were amazingly defined, hair was touchable soft, the curls held GREAT and lasted for 5 days without using a gel to lock down a hold. 
Due to me doing the Bantu Knots & the Curls Milkshake my ends were curled and not frizzy, everything just flowed VERY nicely. I am definitely looking to purchase a larger quantity of this particular product. 
Now we all have different hair textures and curl patterns, so yours may not turn out like mine....but I REALLY love this product!!!
This is after the frizz took place at the canal...but it still looks amazing!!!

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