30 New Natural Hair Styles

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Hello Ladies!!! Check me out from October 2010..My how hair grows when you're having fun!!!!
So today, I need your help..as I always do. I am in the process of trying new styles on my hair, but I am 30 years old and for the past 28 years I NEVER styled my own hair. I always went to the salon....I know TERRIBLE...but I'm progressing..so I need your help.
Everyday I am going shopping for awesome GIVEAWAYS to give to you all...but these giveaways are going to be given to 30 people!!! I need 30 NEW Hair styles to try out, that are not necessarily just Twist-Outs.
I have 3c - 4a Hair and ZERO experience with styling my hair. So these videos or in the instructions that you send me I need DETAILED instructions on what to do, and why I am doing it. I also need the best NATURAL products to use for this as well. I do realize that if I need gel that most of them will not be 100% natural...but ladies...help a sistah out...I am NOT going to put any of that old skool black gel in my hair!!! LOL But I am open and ready to learn!!!
Each style will be placed on Video and uploaded onto my Youtube Channel...yeah...I just realized to help folks, they need to SEE me do stuff and not just listen!! I'm learning!! So Ladies PLEASE send me videos and links to my next 30 Hair Styles and you will receive fabulous prizes from:
Organix, Jane Carter, Curls, Elasta QP, Donna Marie, Eco-Styler, Goody and much much more!!!

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  1. Are you going to post the videos others send you? I am looking for new styles too. Thanks