What My Man Thinks? The Truth

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Hello Ladies!! Sooo...I posted a blog some time ago with the responses from men about what they think about Natural Hair and I must say you ladies made that an epic Blog...I think it was over 200 views on that posting the first day!!! Lol. But I know alot of women want to know and alot of men want to tell you what they think of your hair...but some of them are a little nervous you'll go Jazmine Sullivan on them.
*singing* "I bust the windows out ya car...
So they refrain from telling you the truth. Well as for me, I am pretty confident in me so I decided to ask my man what he thought. He was sitting in my room with me before our EYB event this past weekend and watched me put Box Braids in my hair. He didn't say much, so I decided to ask him what he thought. He said...it's cool with me, I prayed that my wife would know how to do our daughters hair...Awwwww. And we started a new conversation..but he later agreed to give me his opinion.
At the EYB event we had some time so a few men decided to give them opinion on Natural Hair and Rashaad was one of the few that spoke. Can't quite remember what he said...just knew I blushed once or twice and heard the crowd go awww a few times...so I'm guessing he did a good job!! LOL But I wanted to go a little bit further. I sent him a bunch of questions and asked if he would give me his honest answer.
He agreed. I just asked lots of random questions so here it goes:

Me: Growing up did you hear anything from men around you regarding good hair vs bad hair?
Rashaad: All I remember is one of my friends always said he wanted a light-skinned female with long hair. I remember sometimes between the ages of 7 - 16 people would joke about hair, but it wasn't a natural vs permed thing. It was just behaving as kids and teasing about any and everything.

Me: Do you know much about relaxers and their effects?
Rashaad: No. I just know that you can get burned from a relaxer which is ridiculous for something that is supposed to make you look "better."

Me: While you were dating did you have a preference of natural vs relaxed or when was the first time you encountered a natural woman?
Rashaad: I didn't have a preference of natural vs relaxed. Most girls from this area were relaxed, but I've always been around and known a few who were natural. I grew up with a natural woman; my aunt on my dads side is natural. She has been for as long as I can recollent. Didnt have any thoughts positive or negative towards it. I accepted it as that's who she is, what she does and how she prefers her hair.

Me: Ever encountered a woman not being able to go swimming due to her hair? What were your thoughts?
Rashaad: Yes, all of the time growing up. I really didn't  understand why they didn't want to get it wet. It was never explained and I took it as that is just something they did not want to do.

Me: You mentioned that your prayed that your lady would know how to do your daughters hair because you couldn't, can you explain?
Rashaad: Don't really know if I meant for her hair to be styled in various ways naturally, but I knew I wanted my wife to do more than put ponytails in my daughters hair. I know I didn't want my daughter to be burned from getting her hair permed. Wanted my daughter to know her beauty is not in her hair, but in her and if my wife know how to do her hair she would have an understanding that hair is just that...hair.

Me: So if you had a daughter would you want her to be relaxed or natural?
Rashaad: Natural

Me: Why do you think Black Women have such an issue when it comes to hair and self-esteem?
Rashaad: Because it is passed down and taught to you all through the worlds culture. Because the time hasn't been taken to show you all that the bible says you are beautiful. The issue stems from several things, even things I am unaware of, but I know it comes from the fact that as slaves and event aftter the mentality that you are/were inferior to women of other races was ingrained in your minds.

Me: When we met I was natural...I had a Frohawk...what were your thoughts/opinion?
Rashaad: I really don't remember how your hair was styled. I remembered that you were just cutting up, like you wanted to make a living being a comedian. Like it was just you to crack jokes and be "alive"

Me: What's the best thing you love about my hair?
Rashaad: That you don't allow it to define you.

Me: What is your least favorite things about my hair?
Rashaad: Can't think of anything. If I was to say something it would be a lie because nothing came to mind, but I'll let you know when I discover the least favorite thing. Aha...something just hit me...whever there is an abundant amount of product in your hair and it is visible to the eye. When it looks like something is caked in or on your hair.

Me: What's your favorite style?
Rashaad: Frohawk with the braids or twists leading up to it. Even like the Frohawk before you take it out of the twists.

Me: Least Favorite Style:
Rashaad:Again nothing comes to mind. When I see it, I'll let you know.

Me: Do you have an opinion when it comes to sleeping with bonnets and rollers?
Rashaad: As long as it doesn't "effect" us when married.

Me: What advice would you give to a woman who is considering going natural?
Rashaad: Be sure that you want to do it for yourself and you are ready to face whatever may come along with it, including seeing yourself in a way you never have. Because you are facing issues of beauty and identification of who you are beyond your hair. Know that it is a process, a journey that delves deep. Be sure to take the time to learn before you do what it will require to be natural and once you make the decision, take the time to do your hair. Meaning, take the time to care for your hair and not neglect it. Spend more time on your hair than you do deciding what you are going to wear or shopping.

Me: Lastly, if you have to pick three things about me, what would you say are my greatest asset?
Rashaad: Your confidence that you exude, your smile and your faith in God. With the least mentioned because God is the alpha and omega so why not mention God as your end also.
I think this is all...lol.
End Inteview

Be on the look out for more interview from men....including white men.