Things people say

10:12 AM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

SOOOO!! Yesterday was Mother's Day and I am driving along with my boo headed back to his house after having dinner with my peeps. I can't remember what we were discussing but I think I was discussing going home and twisting my hair...he says OUT OF NOWHERE "Are there other things you can do to your hair besides Two-Strand Twists?"
I was like OH NO HE DIDN'T!!! But instead of me cutting the fool, I just began to educate him.
I explained to him that I have only been natural for 1 year so that YEARS of doing my hair one way and now I have to re-learn everything I have ever known. He was receptive, and reassured me that he didnt care which way I wore my hair..he likes it either way...he just wondered what all can you do with it. So with that being said...I am ready to shock him with something else....and NO I will not be doing a Big Chop!
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  1. WHAT! So what did he mean??? OH WELL rock his world & make it happen with your style. :)
    S Nicole

  2. Girl he's ok! He was just asking...he's new to the natural thing or just learning about women's hair...I like teaching him. He co washes a few times a week. lol