Re-Twisting at Night

2:55 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hello Ladies!! So this week is definitely a week for trying new things!! My previous blog talks about the process I went through for my braid out. Well, I liked the outcome, but wondered how do I keep the curls? I love to sleep...meaning WILD I posted a few facebook messages for help and learned that
1. Most Natural Girls Re-Twist Their Hair at Night
2. Curlynikki NEVER uses a comb or brush to comb her hair!! WHOA! - thats a topic for tomorrow.

So I decided to re-twist my hair the other night. I wondered if I needed to put more products in my hair, but figured that would weigh my hair down and cause build up, so I used my spray bottle that has: Water, Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil and some Shea Butter. How did I come up with this mix....I couldn't tell ya...still learning. But I just grabbed my hair and did the same braid out - wrapped it up and went to sleep.

Next Morning my curls were more defined than the first day...BUT I think I should have left out the shea still isn't touchable after two days because it's kinda oily...but the curls look good...and it has started to swell...