My Stained Nails

11:28 AM Keenya Kelly 4 Comments

So you all know about my "Chocolate Looks Better in Color" situation...and I would have to say my nails have looked great, my man loves the added color and I get lots of compliments, but I made one BIG MISTAKE!! This is from the FIRST time I put color on my nails. I didn't put any typs of clear coat on my nails before I painted them purple and here is the consequences...Stained Nails. Granted they grow pretty quick, so its not going to be like this forever...but the night I was taking the color off, WITH the my man sitting near by, I think he realized...ummm its time to stop expecting so much!! buhahaha or take my lady to the nail salon!!! But instead...I got some clear polish from Wal-Mart for about $3 put that on first and then put on my color. The purple will go away eventually...Lesson Learned!!!


  1. Don't worry I learned that lesson last month! Red fingernail polish turned them I heard lemon juice helps!


  2. Oh wow! Never would have considered lemon juice...but I will a now.

  3. Reggie aka 1000 nicknamesMay 20, 2011 at 6:07 AM

    I wonder where she gets these thoughts/ideas her man has a lot of expectations other than her being clean, smelling clean, looking clean, having food prepared occasionally not daily or every other, love him, and most of all love God above all. What unspoken conversations are you having & what lines are you reading, LOL.

  4. Babe you funny. You know you are the suggestee of color on my nails...even though you always call me French Tips...But I kinda love you...KINDA