Make - Up!!

10:27 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Good Afternoon Ladies!!!! Sooo this weekend was our 2nd Embracing YOUR Beauty Natural Hair Extravaganza. We hosted this event on the campus of Old Dominion University...Ill talk about that in another blog...but right now we are going to discuss make-up. I am not the biggest fan of make-up, mostly because I don't know what to do with it and because I don't enjoy wearing something that will get on my hands, clothes or alter my appearance per se.

With regards to getting on my all know exactly what I am talking about. Hugging someone and your foundation is not on their collar or shoulder, you touch your face and then put your  hands on your white pants..and now your pants are no shed a tear for whatever reason and now you are looking like a racoon.
But for this event, I decided I would try some, outside of mascara and eye liner. Here are some pictures.
I'm guessing the stuff on my eyes keeps the make up on longer.
Fab Faces by Brandy...look for her on facebook.
Tah - Dah!!!!