Looking Good

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Hey Ladies!! So this post doesn't have a lot to do with Natural hair...but it sorta does!!! So most of you know TARGET is one of my favorite places to be on the earth...outside of church!! LOL. I usually Target hop a few times a month. (Target Hopping - Going to all the Target stores in the area looking for their deals) I usually find some great stuff. Well a little while ago I went to Target in search of a dress. I found a cute one for $20 and was headed to the fitting room...but before I could get there I saw the rack where people put stuff when it doesn't fit and I saw a cute little dress for FIVE DOLLARS!!!!! $5!!!!
Of course I tried it on and it fit....and I happily put the $20 dress back when it came from. I knew I had some cute shoes at home to match, but I wanted a pair of flats too.
Looking good does not mean you have to spend $1 Million Dollars on a Dress/Outfit and shoes...
or hurt your back trying to look good in 4 inches.
The Shoes you see up above I bought offline at http://www.shopfabrikboutique.com/. I saw them over a year ago online for $45, but I waited a few months and got them for $20!!! I get the MOST compliments for these shoes...dunno why but I do...and so while in Target I decided I needed some flats too.
While I love my heels...some times you gotta take it down a knotch...especially in the Spring/Summer so you can walk the beaches!!!
And lastly I bought these from http://www.forever21.com/ for $3!!!
And to top it all off...My Curls are ROCKING & Lip Gloss Poppin