Length Check

10:03 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hello Everyone! So as of today..its has been 1 Year 5 1/2 Months since I did my Big Chop!!! I have MAJOR shrinkage going on. Haven't quite jumped in to learn about shrinkage and how to minimize it...I'm still admiring what is taking place on the top of my head!! This stuff is amazing! Spent 28 years not ever seeing what I really had under that relaxer!!! Glory to God though for courage and encouraging people around me!
My hair is longer now than when I cut it!!! Ain't that amazing!! I am slowly REALLY realizing how bad relaxers are for your hair. People spend 10 years trying to get shoulder length hair and I will probably have it within 3 years due to no chemicals, minimal heat and using good products....aint that crazy!!!!

So sistah's I have to say to you "Enjoy the Journey" don't try all these fancy methods to hurry up and make your hair grow, just enjoy each day with yourself. People ask me all kinds of questions and I gladly tell them, I don't have the answers. I am learnign my hair just as they are and that the joy is in the Journey. Everyday to see my little curlies on my fingers, or how my hair bounces in the shower when I am washing it....or the look on my boyfriend or friends faces when they see me in a new style..its priceless. And to know it cost me nothing, because I learned how to do it myself.

I Love My Hair