Keenya - Why is your hair growing so fast?

10:33 AM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

 Hey Chicas!! I get the question - "Keenya why is your hair growing so fast and mine is not" all of the time...and today I wanted to try and address your question.

There are a number of reasons why my hair is growing at the rate that it is.

1. Because I use Natural/Organic Products on my hair. I don't use a lot of gels, grease or heat on my hair. In the 17 months I have been natural I have only had heat on my hair 3x. I washed my hair in the beginning at least 3 times a week with Conditioner and Shampooed once a month. DISCLAIMER - I have recently learned that I need to Shampoo my hair at least once a week but with a Sulfate/Silicone FREE shampoo and Condition as normal. Stay Tuned this week to hear from Jevata with Jevata the Salon for details.
I use Shea Butter not CANTU Shea Butter but actual Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Jane Carter Products, Shea Moisture, Trader Joe's Conditioner, Donna Marie, Mixed Chicks, Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lavendar Oil...not all at once....but these are some of the products that I use. I also LOVE Giovanni products...gotta look more into them. I used their Direct Leave-In Conditioner for at least 13 of the 17 months I have been natural.

2. Also, we all have different gene's and ways that our hair grow. This sounds kinda funny, but I know us black folks always say "I've got indian in my family" but I truly do! My grandmother when she was younger had VERY long luscious hair!!! Very straight and long and I mean long. So I am sure once I stopped putting all those chemicals in my hair my scalp decided to thank me by growing long luscious hair.

3. I dont change up products like a lot of people do. I find out what works and stick with it...unless I learn that it is not good for my hair.

So there ya have it......if you have other questions please do not hesistate.


  1. Hello im very new to your site love you blog found you on IG, So what have you found that is natrual and that works for you and your hair growth. I am a very big product junkie and my supply is running low so it is time that I find something new. i do use Olive oil on a reg basis any suggestions on ya fav growth product for shampoo and conditioner ?

  2. I envy your hair! I've been relaxing my hair for so long and I think that may contributed to my hair damage. I've been natural for about a month now so hopefully my hair will rejuvenate in time. :)