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So this will begin a series of interviews with different stylist. Personally, I recognize that I can not help everyone with their hair, because I am still in the process of learning my hair. I have made tons of mistakes with my hair, but praise God it keeps growing inspite of my lack of knowledge and experience.

With that being said, you all know I went to Jevata the Salon for my recent blow out and had an amazing experience at her salon. Her stylist Michelle did a great job with my hair, and she was very friendly and personable. While sitting under the dryer Jevata began to interview me and boy...the facial expressions she made let me know...I was clueless as far as taken care of my hair!!! LOL. I had to laugh..but then I listened.
So I didn't want to keep all of the information to myself, but I wanted to share it with you all. I will post a few of the questions each week and allow you all to ask her questions and Ill send them to her for her to answer as she is available. Also...she is local in Richmond so if you want to set up a consultation with her...I would definitely recommend it.

Here is the interview:

Me: How long have you been in the hair industry?
Jevata: I have been in the hair care industry for 21 years as astylist,about 5 years as a licensed cosmetology instructor, makeup for about 10 years.

Me: What made you want to be a cosmetologist?
Jevata: I began in the industry by default, in that I had no desire at 16 to be astylist. I started as an assistant to a child hood friend after leaving home. Meanwhile the salon owner saw talent and insisted that I give it a try and here we are 21 years later. Though I was looking into computer programming , that was not the plan. And for that I am eternally grateful for what God has done!

Me: How long have you been natural?
Jevata: I have been natural this time around for a 1 ½  years!

Me: What made you decide to go natural?

Jevata: My decision to go natural was inspired by a need to have versatility with styles and healthy coloring choices.  While my hair had been relaxed and colored in the past , I was limited in an effort to maintain the integrity of my hair.

Me: how long have you owned your own salon?
Jevata: I have been a salon owner since 2004, 7 years . However this new location has only been open for 5 months Glory to God!

Me: Is it for natural clients only?
Jevata: Jevata the Salon is not only servicing natural hair guests, we service a diversity of textures and provide a plethora of services to meet the needs of the individual.

Me: Can you tell us some negative effects getting a relaxer can have on your hair/health?
Jevata: Relaxers can harm the hair when:
Applied too often
When the relaxer is not the appropriate strength for the guests texture
When the relaxer is applied incorrectly
The relaxer is not good quality
When the hair has been compromised and is currently damaged

There are many cases when over an extended period of time if the guests has received poor maintenance in this area, the follicles can suffer severe damage and even be destroyed.

 This area of discussion is far too great to limit , further discussion on this topic specifically can be a great focus point.

Me: With being natural there are a host of tips & techniques being advertised on youtube & blogs....can you help us understand some things:
1. Shampooing Once a Month
Jevata: I think this is not very sanitary personally.  It is suggested often by companies in an effort to dismiss the sulfate and other harmful ingredients that may be in the styling products and shampoos.  I recommend that guests should shampoo at least once a week with a sulfate, paraben free shampoo to cleanse the hair and scalp.  If the hair or scalp are dry address that with your stylist or dermatologists.  Do we wash our bodies once a month?

This last question is what shocked me!! I had heard of the sulfate free stuff, blah blah blah...but I was like ummm. I spent over a year co-washing, I can only imagine how my hair might have been different....Stay Tuned for the Rest of the interview.

To find Jevata you can contact her at: Jevata the Salon at 804-864-2932 or
212 East Clay Street
(3rd St. entrance)
Richmond, Virginia 23219


  1. Jevata is definitely a master of her craft. Much success to you both!

  2. Thanks Keenya for this opportunity to have shared this with you. You truly are an inspiration and a great asset to our industry. Keep pushing and paving the way for others.

  3. Jevata,
    What suggestions or advice would you give to women who are transitioning and having a hard time finding different styles?

  4. Jevata,
    My daughter danced w/ your two at Pine Camp. I'm Kathy Martin and my cousin LaShan was my sylist for years and years. I've been natural since 2003 and LOVE IT! I have been pondering coming to you - in fact I called and spoke to you a while back and you recommended I come in for a consult. I use Carol's Daughter products, love them, however am still a 'babe' to several tips, tricks and education about natural hair. My daughter also is natural and has never had a relaxer.

    One day
    we'll get to you and experience your talent! Right now, she just had natural twists done w/ no hair added...of course she wants the hair....I'm not excited to add hair yet because I know the proper mix of product with skill will leave a resulting precious moisturized twist style for her....we simply have to find it! May God continue to Bless you in all you do!

  5. From Jevata to Kathy:
    Hi Kathy,
    Its good to hear from you. Feel free to email me directly @, as we have something in the near future that may be of interest to you.