Hold yourself accountable!!!

1:29 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Thought I slacked didn't ya?? Well the answer is NO!!!! And I pray that you are still going as well.
I know its not easy to wake up at 6am in the morning when you went to sleep at 12 midnight, or go to the gym after you have worked an 8 hour day, but the truth is that is the time that you have so you MUST fit it in. I wake up some mornings and wish to God it was still 4:30am so that I can get a little more sleep...but it's normally 5:55 so I know I only have about 5 more minutes. But I get up out of bed..feed the cats, get dressed and hit the pavement. Have to...or I wont feel look good for myself or for my future spouse...whenever that time comes.

So today right before my lunch break I had a craving for a Welch's Can Soda!! Love those things man.
I went into my wallet and grabbed just enough change for it.....
But just then I thought about it. Why drink a soda that is going to be extra calories that I just burned off this morning, empty calories that are going to make me even more thirsty after I finish. So I decided to grab something else.
I enjoyed my lunch with a large glass of water without the conviction ruining my morning exercise. I'm not saying I wont enjoy a nice SWIG of my favorite drink
But I will resist drinking alot of excess calories so that I can look like this
 Or maybe a tad softer!!! LOL
The point of it all is to keep going...don't stop!!! IN 60 - 90 Days you'll thank yourself for it!!