Handling YOUR Business!!

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Good Morning Ladies!! I woke up this morning with a burning desire to talk about
"Handling YOUR Business."
This will probably start a mini-series as I continue to focus on handling my OWN business as I journey through life and continue developing myself into the Woman of God that I was created to be.
This is me back in 2005. I was featured in Success from Home Magazine.
That was an amazing time in my life where I made more money than I ever made, was being flown from city to city to encourage, inspire and lift up the masses to be successful in business.
Over the past few weeks, I've been asking myself...what happened to "that" Keenya and why isn't she rising up as she use to...and I came to the realization that what happened me to me was ME. I got in my own way. I became prideful, arrogant, and selfish...in return my relationship with God became stale, my business began to fail and I had to be humbled...but Praise God for new beginnings.

Lately, I have been searching to find more of me...asking God who am I, who did you create me to be, what do you want me to do...who do you want me to lead, encourage and inspire today...and I believe he is telling me that my answer is ME! Powerful stuff man!!! Some days when I wake up and decide not to go running, I realize that I am effecting one person...and that is ME! The days I decide to pay my bills late, or go shopping instead of putting money into savings, spend money on something immediate versus something on my credit report or watch television vs reading a book that will propel me into my future...that the only person I am hurting is ME!
With that being said...I want to allow you all into my personal space for a moment. A year ago I was having a rough financial life due to consequences of the past...i.e. 11 credit cards in college and buying a car I knew I couldn't afford, which later was repossed.

I was having a really really rough time...but God began to move in my life and I willingly yielded to him. I did whatever he told me to and as a result things began to turn around. I got an unexpected amount of money and instead of going shopping I called EVERY creditor on my credit report and paid them ALL..well I have a few left because I ran out of money. Lol. And the car I own now was paid for IN CASH!!!! But I began to take care of business...and apparently God liked that. Today I am in the process of paying off my student loans and the one or two things left on my report so that I can purchase my first home. I always thought I would wait to be married before I bought a home, but I realized yesterday or the other day, that its not for me to wait on...if God has placed the desire in me to be a home owner then a home owner is what I will be.

I also realized that God wants me to be rich. He knows he can trust me with a substantial amount of money and I will be able to handle it and distribute it the way God asks me to...and if that is the case then I need to stop playing small. Stop minimizing my own potential. Stop settling for small things when I am called to greatness. I love my friends dearly...and the greatest thing about them is that they are called to greatness too...they recognize it and are going for it. (Be careful of who you allow around you, everyone doesn't want to see you succeed or want you to have more or be happier than them.)

So as of May 26th, 2011 I am Handling my own Business. Being concerned with Keenya and what God desires from Keenya. Don't settle for where you are ladies..push harder than you ever have. Start that business, write that book, lose that weight, leave that relationship, say yes to that Godly relationship...step out on Faith and become all that God created you to be.

Stay Tuned....www.KeenyaKelly.com will be coming soon.


  1. I love this post it really speaks to my situation.

  2. I absolutely LOVED this post!!!

  3. Praise God girlie!!! I like being honest with people...I'd rather tell you the whole story than half...because half isnt going to help anyone and half is a lie