First Day Back After My Blowout

10:20 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hello Everyone!
So....if you're following along this week, you will see where I got an amazing Blowout last week and by the weekend God blessed us with a sistah was beginning to look a little crazy. Well Monday night I decided to go ahead and wash my hair to bring back my little curlies. Check it out
FRIZZY is an understatement
Here is my hair with nothing but WATER on it!!
Dude...I hadn't put a thing on it...Aren't my little curlies cute!!! lol I then Shampooed my hair with Jane Carter - as her Shampoo, immediate put her Conditioner mixed with Castor Oil all over, put a cap on and sat under my amazing dryer that I was blessed with. *PRAISE BREAK* I washed it out after about 20 minutes, put rosemary oil, lavendar oil and Shea Moistures Conditioner in my hair as a leave in. I parted my hair into four sections, applied Donna Marie Curls to eat section and put about 10 box braids in my hair
Next morning I put Sweet Almond Oil on my hair and untwisted my hair.
Here is my hair today. I must say that using the Shea Moisture Conditioner and Donna Marie Defining cream together is a really nice combination. My hair is very soft and fluffy, its touchable and it has a nice shine to it. My scalp feels great, not itchy at all and of course I look great!! LOL!!