Find out what works for YOUR hair!!

12:35 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

So, you all know I recently washed and styled my hair after my blowout and I used Shea Moisture as a leave in conditioner. The first day seemed to be great. My hair was soft, touchable, lots of shine and my scalp felt amazing. But on day two my hair lost all of its curl.
It seems as though my hair loves the product, but that I am not using it properly for my twist outs. Now with Wash-N-Go's its seems to be awesome...but I believe I am missing something to keep the hold in my twists....someone suggested that I use a little Eco-Style Gel....Anyone had any success with this or that???


  1. I use ECO Styler, the dark jar.I have used this since I started transitioning and it works great for me. My hair is always soft and my styles last for a very long time. I have heard that sometimes the Olive Oil flavor leaves the hair dry. Then again, I guess it depends on what you are using with it and your hair.

  2. I would try a light mouse, but I do you use Shea Moisture and my hair is always nice but it must be re-twisted at night some times I just put the moisture milk on it at night and twist it back up.