Beauty on a Budget

8:52 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Sorry the pic is blurry!!! (Was near the water....dunno what happened)
So Ladies!!! We've been beginning our discussion on looking good without breaking the bank..and this dress is another on of those looks.
I am wearing Silver Earrings Purchased from NY & Co. for about $6
My Dress is from Forever for $10

And Silver Shoes that I purchased from Payless a few years ago for about $10, NO PIC
And then black leggins underneath for about $5
The reason for the leggins are because the dress is VERY see-through. And Showing all of my goods to the world is NOT Holy Ghost dressing. I have a few dresses like this in different colors, so I am considering a long slip instead....

As we walked this man noticed ALOT of women checking out my dress. Most didnt say anything, but a few gave me props!! LOL

So this whole outfit cost around $30!!!!