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17 Month Blow Out
 Hello Everyone!!! As you can see I decided to get my hair Blown Out & Flat Ironed. And OMG!!! I had no clue my hair was this long and could look this amazing without a relaxer!! Like seriously...I didnt know my hair was this long. Look at me before going to the salon
Talk about some Major Shrinkage Folks!!! 

So why did I decide to blow my hair out? Well I was talking to my boyfriend last week about new styles, he didn't ask me to blow my hair out or suggest that I get a new style, but my desire is to always try new things and to get my Man of God on his toes. And since he had never seen my hair straight, I figured it would be a really nice surprise. Not to mention, I hadn't blown my hair out in quite some time and I needed a trim pretty bad. 

The Salon I chose was "Jevata The Salon." She is a beautiful sistah that goes to my church. Her hair always looks amazing and come to find out she is natural...couldn't believe it because her hair looked as though she had a relaxer....so I decided to go to her. Not to mention she styled another naturalistas hair and it looked AMAZING!!
Not only does my hair look amazing, but Jevata gave me an amazing consultation. Don't worry....you will be hearing all about it on the next blog...CO-Washing...girls...gonna expose that for real!!! 
The awesome thing was that while Jevata was giving me the consultation her stylist Michelle was actually the one taking care of my hair!!

Ill tell you all later the amazing products she used....I mean this girl was AWESOME and HELLO she is only 21!! Ummm yeah...putting some folks to shame for real!!!
So sistahs....I know alot of you all have been asking me who to go to for a consultation, for a Blow out, Big Chop or just a great salon to go to in Richmond....I definitely recommend going to Jevata The Salon...they did an amazing job. 
Jevata The Salon - 212 East Clay St Richmond, VA 23219 

Check me out 17 MONTHS ago. 
*We pin-curled my hair last night*