Today is a great day

2:50 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Oh the difference Eyebrows make!! I'm SMIZING lol
Hey Ladies!!! So for my lunch today I decided to go grocery shopping and get my eyebrows done...they were quite hairy if I might say so myself. I went to a Asian salon down the street from my job and as soon as I sat down the lady said "I like your hair. You have the natural look, I really like it." It made me smile. Knowing that she embraces my look and didn't ask if I was trying to be something or was I following the trend nor did she assume that I was unapproachable. CRAZY!
I almost asked her if she wanted to touch it, but she went ahead and touched it herself...loved it. She was confident and really liked my hair. With that my heart cries out to those of you that really don't like wearing your natural hair out. I met a lady as I was leaving who said I'm natural too, but I wear my wig and wash it every two weeks because I don't like it yet...what? like what? YOUR HAIR!!! GIRL BOO!! LOL

Time to take off the wigs...wax those eye brows, get you some silver studds and get to stepping!!! SHOOT! I went into the bathroom today at work, put some water on my hair, eye liner, lip gloss, 6 bobby pins and BOOM! IM HOTT! hahahahaha!


Love ya'll...Keep that lip gloss poppin