Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie with Shea Butter

8:44 AM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

My Boyfriend asked what's my favorite hairstyle...
In the words of Micheal Jackson "This is it"

So...folks I figured it out. I Co-washed my hair like normal put the Curling Smoothie in my hair did smaller two-strand twists...I let it dry over night and the next morning I took it out..didnt look to hot AGAIN! So I untwisted my hair, sprayed water on each strand with my water bottle, and applied Shea Butter to each strand and twisted AGAIN. Let it in for two days...two days just because I didnt go anywhere so I didnt untwist it the next day... Before I untwisted I put Almond Oil on each strand, in my hands and on my fingers. Untwisted each strand and loosened them up and VOILA!! BIG HAIR! 
Its very soft and still touchable since I didnt use a whole lot of Shea Butter like I normally do!!! 


  1. Nice Keenya, i guess I am going to have to breakdown and get some sheamoisture products, cause when i see the results of everyone that uses the product i see FLY results! Now i know everyones hair is different and I may not get the same results,so i will have to see what it does to my hair. GOD BLESS! Still trying to come to your event from Pittsburgh.

  2. We would love to have you. And yeah I am enjoying Shea Moisture...gotta try out more full product lines. Once I'm finished with this one I will probably go to Carols Daughter.