Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie on DRY HAIR

9:18 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hey Everyone!!! Sooo I tried to do something different last night...but I don't think I did a good job at it.
As you all know this past weekend I did a Two-Strand Twist on Freshly Co-Washed hair using Shea Moistures Curling Smoothie and it turned out great, soft and beautiful. So I wore it for a few days without adding any additional products or water and decided last night that I would try a dry/sorta ordeal. My roommate keeps telling me to plat my hair versus doing a Two-Strand Twist so I ATTEMPTED! And let me just say I am NOT a stylist...I am simply someone who has gotten off of the Creamy Crack and trying to find my way back home!! LOL
So what did I do!!!! I took medium sections of my hair, sprayed my water/castor oil/evoo mix and applied a dime size of the Curling Smoothing and branded it. I had about 10 braids total and I went to sleep with my little scarf on. Woke up this morning, put some EVOO on my fingers and untwisted. I noticed that I didnt my hair wasn't as defined as it was when it was wet, but there were strands of my hair that really had a defined curl. However, its extremely soft again. My hair is spongy like a roller and the roots are rather tight...which is good. I think if I was able to leave the plats in for a few more hours, or if I sat under a hair dryer that the effect would have been a little different.
BACK OF MY HAIR - I Love my Curlies
Since the curls weren't as defined I pinned up the sides into a FroHawk...