Product Review for Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie

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Hey Ladies! So in a previous blog I told you that I was going to start "really" learning about products and taking care of my I started with trying out a new product line. (New meaning - New to Me)

Normally, I Co-Wash my hair, Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditioner and use Shea Butter/Olive Oil to do a twist out. BUT, now that I have begun taking an ACTIVE roll in my hair, I have started paying attention. I finally realized that Shea Butter is an Oil. Its not a product, so it always leaves my hair looking and feeling oily. It's not touchable and always leaves oil on my pillow...I just realized that ONE YEAR LATER. I think I realized it because my boyfriend likes to touch my hair...and with the Shea Butter I had to give disclaimers and say my hair is I wanted to try something else.

I decided on Shea Moisture because Jane Carters Curling Cream wasn't in Target when I was around..and because I heard Shea Moisture was on a Buy One Get One Free Sale at Walgreens. lol.

So let me stop babbling and tell you what I did.

I Co-Washed my hair like NORMAL and then put a little EVOO on my hair..then I applied Shea Moistures Balancing Conditioner and left it in as a Leave-In. Ill talk about the Leave in on the next post..then I applied the Curl Enhancing Smoothie to my hair. This first time I didnt section off my hair, but I went through each part of my hair to apply it. Then I grabbed medium sections, added a little more of the product to my hair and ends and began to come from the ends to the roots. I noticed that it was ALOT easier to comb my hair with these products than with Giovanni Direct Leave-In. And the roots of my hair began to curl up INSTANTLY. I did the two Stand all around and after it dried I wore it out.

I must say that I was/am very impressed by the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. My hair smelled AMAZING and was very soft. My boyfriend touched my hair that night and said "If you look at it, you would think its very dry, but when I touch it, its so soft. I really like it." Dry because I normally have all of those oils in my hair and I think I needed to add some oils to my hair before I untwisted them, but for the most part we definitely give it an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. I say an 8 because this is the first product I've tried to enhance my curls. (Tried Jane Carter, but I only had a small sample size...need ALOT more before I can rank it).

My hair ended up being VERY curly all over and even the roots were curly. I was pleasantly surprised by my beautiful curl pattern coming out and it wasnt because my hair was twisted but because the product defined them.

I plan to try Miss Jessies as well as a full size portion of Jane Carter's Curling Cream...but ladies I definitely definitely recommend it. Whether you have Shoulder Length hair or a TWA, I definitely recommend it. Its only $9.99 at Target/Walgreens....

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  1. I didnt like Miss jessies Curly Pudding or any of her products,left residue in my hair,and didnt define my curls.I also tried Kinky Curly another high priced product.also the smell of miss jessies curl cream baby butter creme and the pudding were way strong.Im gonna try she moisure heard many good things,I just thinnk 25 to 35 dollars is too much for a product like miss jessies.