11:08 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Sitting at my desk today, I thought to myself...I wonder how long my hair is now!!!
It's been quite some time since I blew my hair out...lemme check and see when was the last time.....*pausing* September or October!!! And I think it might be time to take a look at it again. My last blow out was ok...I just did it so that I could get my ends trimmed..but when I went to wash it and get my curls back...part of it stayed straight!!! NOT COOL! So I cut that part off!

One of the reasons I haven't blown it out since has been because I like being different now. I like that my hair is like no one else's and I dont have to spend 15 or 20 minutes doing my hair in the morning. I just take off my scarf, Sweet Almond Oil and go!!!

I dunno...comtemplating!!!

But if you're looking for my recommendation on who to go to....to make sure your hair is treated correctly...I strongly recommend Donnetta Mangum with Becoming New Hair Salon & Spa 804-317-3787