Operation Weight Loss Continues

8:15 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Sooo I wonder how many of you all are STILL with me?!? Today is April 20, 2011 and I am still going strong!! But there have definitely been a few detours along the route. You might remember we beginning a 30 days Fruit and Veggie Detox and almost being driven to the Emergency Room..lol. You probably remember the no pasta/bread for 30 days...yep I liked that one best. Either way I am STILL going and I pray that you are too. No rush though folks...take your time...stay in your lane and praise yourself for the progress you have made.

Last night I wanted to go running/walking but knew I had a meeting at church; so I put on my clothes at work, drove to church and went running/walking around the parking lot where noone parks during the week. It felt great!! The weather outside was awesome, wasn't a mosquito or Bubble Bee in sight! It was Fantabulous!! Then I had a choice, grab something crazy to eat before church or get something healthy. I chose the healthy option. Went to Kroger got some fresh brocolli and greens beans and some Ranch dressing and went to town. NO ranch isnt the best choice, but it was better than the cheeseburger and fries that I normally would have eaten!!! *PRAISING MY PROGRESS*

I have now begun taking my one a day vitamins again and I'm feeling great. I stopped taking them, because someone told me they weren't the best, but I remember 6 months later the consultation that I had with the Whole Foods rep...so I decided to buy their opinion again.

Stay Tuned - I have partnered with a company called "Vollara" and I will be beginning their "Reshape Your Weight System." I'm excited because my great friend gave me rave reviews about them, and I figured what do I have to lose...but WEIGHT!! Hallelujah. In addition I will continue consulting Tricia Lomax with http://www.yourfreshstart.net/ regarding her eating plan!!!

If you wanna know where to get the Reshape Your Weight System here is the website:
www.myvollara.com/charity I will be receiving the Re:Shape System Vanilla - Soy!!
Lots of testimonials to come and before and after photos.