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Good Morning Everyone! So it's 8am and I've got the sudden urge to do my hair!!! Ummm yea...Random. And I've decided to sorta try something new today. I prayed before Christmas for a hair dryer and my roomie blessed me with an AMAZING professional dryer. I've only used it once...so I decided today was my day. I previously watched youtube videos on Trader Joe's Nourishing Spa Conditioner. Its only like $2.50 but it's 100% Organic. We all know that Organic is best for your body and hair so I figured I'd give all my other stuff a rest. I decided to use that to Co-Wash because I have a few bottles of it, it costs less and it helps save money on the other conditioners I use for Deep Conditioning or Leave-ins....SO!!!
I Co-Washed with this. I only washed once, because I made the mistake of washing my hair twice this week with shampoo...so I figured its still pretty clean..Immediately after I applied 
Jane Carters Nutrient Replenishing Condiioner
I put a healthy amount in my hair and worked it through. It says you can leave it on for for 5 minutes but for maximum results 15 - 20 minutes under a hair dryer. 
OH MY GOSH! As I was typing my hair dryer went off..yeah the new professional one. It made a LOUD ringing sound....dude...I promise my heart stopped beating for like 2 minutes...thought a sistah got shot for a second...:(
OK I'm back!! Ya'll laughing but I'm soooo serious!!! LOL
So...I'm about to attempt to de-tangle my hair. I've decided to continue with Jane Carter's line so I used
Her Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner. Up until now I have been using creamy conditioners, but I figured I would give this a shot. My arm got tired trying to spray my entire head, so I just poured some on each side and mixed it all together. I must say...my curls LOVED IT! I've never seen my hair so defined from a leave-in conditioner!! The unfortunate thing is that it didn't help with combing...NOT AT ALL.
You can't really see the defined curls in this pic....but I was amazed. From there I decided to try Box Braids or a "Braid Out" as my roomie is calling it. I told her I don't know how to braid my own hair...but I'll try. I rubbed a nice amount of Coconut Oil in my hands and put it all throughout my wet hair...grabbed a wide toothed comb and a canister of Shea Butter. 
I didn't part my hair...I just grabbed small pieces and braided. Once I got down to the end and couldn't continue braiding I twisted the ends as if I were doing a Two Strand Twist and the here's the pic.
I am going to sit under the hair dryer for about 30 minutes or so and be right back....well I tried to come right back, but my hair was still wet. So I decided to go the rest of the day with it braided. I took them out Sunday morning and WOW beautiful. I remembered that when you take out your braids/twists make sure you keep oil on your hands so that your dry hands don't cause your hair to frizz as you are taking them out. 
I learned that braiding my hair versus a Two-Strand twists stretches my hair showing my length.
I LOVE MY HAIR! It feels great...its touchable, curls are defined and yea...
*singing* "I'm too sexy for my cap, too sexy for my cap for my SATIN CAP!!!"
Til next time...Nails and Toes Poppin....lol


  1. Love this post! I have been debating about using Jane Carter products since I am a Miss Jessie's fanatic.......but I am loving the end result of your two strand twist. Big flava!
    S Nicole

  2. I hear Miss Jessies is amazing..I am going to get A large bottle of Janes Curling Cream. I used her small sample size and it was great. How do you like Miss Jessies?