The Little Things

3:20 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

Hey Ladies!!  So I figured I'd share this with you all today!! So...I went out to lunch today to a nearby restaurant...I was expecting to just pick up my lunch and go. Well I end up waiting a little while so I am talking to the different people waiting patiently like me. Everyone was polite and once I paid for my meal the Cashier/Owner says to me "I like the color of your finger nails." I said: Huh? He said: "I like the color of your finger nails. My wife use to always wear the french tips, but once she changed it to color, I really liked it alot more." Shocked me!! I didn't think men really noticed that kind of stuff.
Not to mention wearing color on your nails takes a little more time considering that it chips easier...but needless to say...they love it!!! RANDOM! So I decided to give my boyfriend a SMALL shout out to "suggesting" me to wear color on my finger nails.

Now I picked out the color, but I've received more compliments on my fingers nails all week than I have about anything else!!!

With that being said..."I'm going to Target AGAIN...for more colors."
Now my LIP gloss gotta be poppin and my NAILS....SMH! LOL


  1. U have inspired me to give myself a nice mani. I pay attention to my feet but I do neglect my hands. And that is what people mostly touch in my profession as a social worker. Thanks! PS - those colors are REALLY nice & bangin....I am kinda old, forgive me. :)
    S Nicole

  2. Girl you aint old!! I still say bangin sometimes!!! I definitely am starting to understand taking care of every part of my body and not neglecting things although it will take a little extra time and effort. My boyfriend watched me take off polish last night..and said whoa..that really does take a while huh? lol