Calling all Natural Sistahs OUTSIDE of the United States

9:09 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Praise God for allowing Kinky Keenya to reach different countries. Definitely humbled and appreciative!!! VERY!!!
Sistahs I need you!!! I know you are in different countries and I am sure the climate and water is alot different there than it is we want to hear from you. I know its not easy to find Jane Carter, Miss Jessies, Shea Moisture and all the other products I refer to on this blog...BUT we can get them to you!!! If you are in a different country and need help with your natural hair...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment on this blog and tell us what you need!!! Also..send us pictures...we'd like to see your country!!! God Bless YOU!!!

If you're here in the US and you want to send products to these women please email me at: or hit me up at
We are Blessed to Be a Blessing...