Anikka is Natural at 11 years old.

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A little water on her hair
So here's the deal. This is my 10 year old niece Anikka. I am guessing my mother doesn't really know what to do with her hair since she previously was wearing a relaxer. Her hair began to break off this year, so I think I inspired them to allow her to go natural so they cut it all off. I was shocked, but figured ok...let's see what we can do. When I came over to the house her hair was extremely dry, it was sorted matted together as if she had been wearing a hat for a week or so, but she's a little girl and little girls should look and feel pretty. So I decided I would intervene!

I wet her hair really well and did a co-wash 2x's Herbal Essence Hello Hydration

Here curls began to come forth IMMEDIATELY. On Damp hair I began to apply IC Fantasia Gel. I chose this because it was in the Food Lion near their house and because Sheacocoluv from Youtube spoke highly of it.
I didn't put a whole lot of it, just worked it into her hair. I massaged her curls for about 3 - 5 minutes.
Stay tuned for more  updates on her hair. I am going to take an active role in taking care of her hair, and teaching her how to do it herself. So excited for her!!!!

Her lip gloss is NOT poppin...she's too young!!! lol