Weight loss...continued

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So..I know you all have been wondering...did she bail on losing weight, what happened to the detox?!? And the answer is...I am still going!! As I blogged before, my 2nd day of the detox was an EPIC OMG! I spoke with Tricia and we agreed that I needed to take a few more baby steps before I could go on a Veggie/Fruit Detox...I just knew I was G.I. Jane....but I haven't quit. As I told you guys before, I  like my body to look a certain way, and I like to feel a certain way. A year ago I was working out 6 - 7 days a week...like seriously; atleast 45 minutes a day. I was feeling the way I felt when I played Soccer in High School and my goal is to get back to that!! I recently moved to the country..
and made plans to wake up at 6am to go running, but it hasnt worked out in my favor. The first week I just kept rolling over in the bed turning  OFF the alarms. Then I told myself..Keenya...Rolls = a NO NO! So I woke up one morning, looked outside...it was pitch black...and I'm in the country so there are NO STREET LIGHTS. Only lights out there are from the eyes of Deers, Frogs and Turtles. lol
So I was a little concerned about running out there, especially without reflective gear, or knowing my neighbors...BUT today I said I dont care...I'm going! I woke up...put on my clothes...went to the door and BOOM God hooked a sistah up. I guess since Spring is among us the sun has begun coming out a little earlier than before...so I hit the pavement. Now...my body is NOT in the shape where I can run for longer than like 3 minutes without stopping YET...but just you wait...mission Souls, Fros and Rolls is in gear!!
I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies daily, drinking alot of water, not eating potato chips and TRYING to stay away from ice cream, milk and excessive amounts of cheese. 

So folks...if you started the journey keep going....there will be a few detours, messups or rolls over in the bed at 6am moments...but dont stop. In the words of Micheal Jackson..."Don't Stop Til You Get Enough." 
You can do it...just keep going! You don't have to broadcast it to everyone or to me...just keep going!!! Pace yourself...don't let anyone or anything discourage you especially those that refuse to do anything about themselves. There will always be negative people and EVERYONE has something to say...but in the words of Keenya Kelly Griffin "Opinions are like Butt Holes....Everyone has one" I'm rooting for you, as I am rooting for myself!! I Love You all...keep pushing..

Until Next Time....Keep that Lip Gloss Popping..

(working on converting)