The People Parish due to lack of knowledge

11:47 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Good Afternoon Naturalistas!! Today...I have made ANOTHER decision. No surpises or anything just had a realization. I was talking with a newly natural sistah the other day, and listening to all of her questions and how desperate she seems to find information to help with her hair...I realized that "People Really Need Help." I was talking to her and explained that Ill be 30 in a few months, and I spent 20 or so years of my life having my hair relaxed and only one year being Natural...with that...there is ALOT to learn. You can't just go from relaxing your hair all of your life and then decide to "Go Natural" and be an expert; its going to take some time.

With that being said I am going to begin a course in learning about Natural Hair...I will begin a class locally in a few months...but I am going to go through some online teaching. I've been natural for a year and some things STILL puzzle me: Why can I only comb my hair when its wet, Why do I need a leave-in condition, What does it mean to Seal...Why Does Shampoo Dry Out your hair? and so on and so on.

I am not writing this blog to get the answers from you all, but to let you know that I plan on staying natural for the long haul. My intent is to be able to teach my daughter(s) about their hair so that they never think they NEED to get a relaxer, but they can straighten their hair if they choose to, and so that I can understand my hair.

I  used a product this weekend to define my curls..and it didnt work..made me wonder...why is that? What products make your hair curl and why the one I used didnt work so well. What's the difference in all of these conditioners...Sulfate, Mineral Oil blah blah with that...

I pray that you all will take some time to learn about your hair. Not just in the shower or on blogs/youtube but that you would take some serious time to learn...

Until next time...keep that lip gloss poppin