My Recent Styles

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Sooo...last night I attempted SMALLER two-strand twists. My first attempt caused my roommate to look at me w/o an expression. Now thats a clear sign that "It doesnt look right." LOL So once she LEFT the house, I attempted again. I used Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil.
Normally, I wash my hair and twist it wet...but I keep hearing stories of how you see so much more length and it turns out since I'm not punk...I tried it!! I co-washed my  hair earlier and only put my regular leave-in conditioner. While watching television last night I began my twist journey....
Check out that hang-time..whoot whoot
Lip Gloss was NOT poppin!!
Final results....tah dah!!!! 
A few hours later my hair sorta looks like a Dread-lock wig...but its cute because its my hair!! Love it!!

This is my hair for our Natural Hair Extravaganza! My home stylist did a great job!!!
*notice the big jar of Shea Butter on the Table*
And me...riding a 7 year olds bike, in boots and a leopard the country!!!
Charles City...whoot whoot.

*The easiest thing is to be yourself, the hardest is what everyone wants you to be*